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NQT Special: Develop four outstanding habits – SecEd

NQT Special: Develop four outstanding habits – SecEd.

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In this blog post, David Weston who is Chief Executive of the Teacher Development Trust, writes about four outstanding habits that he rates as worthwhile developing.

The first point he talks about is the timely use of solid information derived from effective assessment as a tool for identifying areas of misunderstanding or identifying a lack of mastery in a particular area.  He also talks about keeping a reflective journal as a way of recording thoughts that might otherwise be forgotten during the course of a hectic day!

The second point David makes is about behaviour management.  If you get behaviour management right then you are a long way towards creating an environment where challenge, learning and progress can be the main focus. At Oriel High School we want all students to be learning in an environment free of low-level disruption so this point is extremely pertinent as this is an area that requires more work on the teacher’s part than is initially obvious when watching an experienced colleague. In another post, Tom Sherrington summarises some good ideas from Bill Rogers who has a significant reputation as an extort in behaviour management.  The link should take you to a selection of You Tube videos related to his work.  David suggests videoing your lesson and watching it back.  We have the capability to do this using the IRIS video camera.  If you are an NQT I would suggest speaking to a member of staff who has used it to find out how it works and then have a go; nothing ventured, nothing gained!  If you have any questions please speak to me!

Thirdly David talks about engaging with new ideas.  Social media such as twitter and blogs are a very useful way of picking up new tips and ideas.  I would speak to various teachers and get their recommendations.  I aim to include a list of useful blogs on this blog shortly!

The final point about collaboration is key and an area we are working on developing this academic year.  We aim to have a series of lesson study trios developed over the course of this term.  we have had several pilot groups working and I am looking forward to posting their findings in the near future.  You may wish to work with other NQT’s initially or work within your subject team to benefit from more experienced members of staff.  Either way give it a go as learning from one another is the best CPD we have!



2 thoughts on “NQT Special: Develop four outstanding habits – SecEd

  1. Love the website Tim – what a great idea! I am following! As NQT+1 I wanted to add my input about habits to develop in your NQT year (things I did do as well as things I wish I’d done more of!)

    One of the habits from my PGCE that I found really helpful was continuing the reflections on my lessons. Sometimes I did a longer write up in a word document I kept saved on the school computer but for some lessons it was just a note in my planner about an idea to change an activity. I found it really helpful when teaching that same lesson to another class and I have been trialing some of my ideas from last year now.

    I subscribed to tes magazine and kept up to date with new ideas to try out. In my NQT year one of my biggest challenges was silly boy behavior with younger years so I was always on the look out for something new to try and to develop my own behavior management techniques. There are loads of great articles on the tes website and the school subscribes to the magazine so you can find it in the staff room!

    A great habit to develop is to always be looking to improve and your NQT year is a great opportunity to go and observe other ideas. After checking other teachers’ timetables and getting advice on who would be good to observe for what I sent out a few emails and it gave me some great ideas of things to try out and I kept the bits I liked and tried them in my own lessons! You have tons to do already in your NQT year but it will only get busier. One thing I wish I had done is to observe more teachers in different subject areas and it’s something I want to continue doing in the future. This ties in nicely with David Weston’s ideas about collaboration and we can do this not only in departments and faculties but as a whole school!

    Freya (FJE)


    Posted by Freya Jennison | September 8, 2014, 9:21 am
  2. Any other tips from other NQT+1s or from more experienced teachers?


    Posted by Freya Jennison | September 8, 2014, 10:36 am

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