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Maximum impact, minimum effort! #8020edu


Recently I have become fascinated by the Pareto principle. This is also known as the 80/20 rule. In short this rule states that 80% of your impact comes from 20% of your actions. Great! However the problem that I am faced with is identifying the 20%…

To add more detail, the Pareto principle is based around the idea of uneven distribution.  My interest from a teaching and learning perspective is as a result of many years spending large amounts of time on something that ended up having much less impact than I had thought!  Think about the times when you quickly put something together and the student learning that resulted far outweighed the time invested and that subsequently have become one of your most used teaching tools; I am really interested to find out from the teaching community what those gems are.

Accepting the fact that context will play a very large part in any scenario, I am proposing to do the following:

Ask the good teachers on Twitter:

What is the one thing that you do for your students that has the greatest impact on their learning?

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I aim to then collate the responses into a resource that includes the top 100 actions that teachers take to support their student’s learning and share the findings.

As we move towards a more evidence based profession having evidence of impact is great BUT for this I am going to rely on teacher’s professional instincts as the confirmation of whether the top tips shared are effective.  You wouldn’t keep doing them if they didn’t work after all would you?

I think it would be great if teachers with a range of responsibilities contributed so that it is possible to see if people undertaking different roles have different perspectives.

To contribute your ideas to this resource you can do the following:



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