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Some thoughts form Elliot Simmonds from VoicED…

Several weeks ago I received a call from Tim Matthews, the man behind #EducatEd2015. He had received a letter outlining some of the benefits of his school joining VoicED, including funding, and an opportunity for teachers to voice their opinion and be heard. However, this isn’t a sales pitch for VoicED (although we in fact pay you) and so anyone interested in finding out more should visit http://www.voiced.org.uk/Membersite/pages/home.jsp

Anyway, Tim called me some time in April with an ambitious plan to hold a conference event for 500 people in early July. I have to say, initially I thought the plan was ambitious. However, we’re particularly keen on supporting CPD in education – the Prince’s Teaching Institute is our charity partner – and so this seemed like something we should certainly be involved. I put him in touch with the PTI, and they have since agreed to deliver some seminars, which is fantastic!

Since April the event has kicked on fantastically. IRIS, the Education Endowment Foundation, GO4Schools, Teach First, CUREE and others are all involved to some degree, and there is a real range of seminars for delegates to pick from!

Among those, one seminar in particular I noticed was on the Effective Use of the Pupil Premium, delivered by the Deputy Head and Business Manager from Oriel School. This is particularly interesting for myself, and for many other VoicED researchers, as we have recently completed a piece of large scale research in to the Pupil Premium on behalf of a major government body. The overall findings seemed to be generally positive, so it will be interesting to hear first-hand thoughts on how schools are using Pupil Premium, and which methods are considered the most effective in terms of utilising it; perhaps we should also invite our clients?!

Finally, I’m also keen to hear from Anne Bouet about Working Memory & Links to Learning. With a role in marketing and market research, memory and recall is something I’m very interested in, and it’s always brilliant to be able to see how those in other fields are approaching this.

Indeed, it appears the theme of the conference, “The Power of collaborative and reflective professional learning”, is one which even those of us in non-teaching roles may benefit from; I look forward to it!

To book please click here or click on the image below:




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