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Behaviour mangement

Having just finished the first CPL session with our great cohort of NQT / ITT it made me reflect upon my own start to teaching.  I thought back to what my biggest concern was and it struck me: behaviour management!  Now my concern is really focussed on the learning that happens and I spend time worrying about how much learning took place, who got it and who didn’t and how I can improve things… BUT experience has allowed me to forget the anxieties of starting out in a new career.

So if you are starting out and have the same concerns as I had about how to manage behaviour then can I humbly suggest that taking some time out to watch these videos from Bill Rogers would be time well spent!

The entire playlist can be accessed below:

The list includes: Dr Bill Rogers – Ensuring a settled and focused class

Dr Bill Rogers – Students who just say “NO”

Dr Bill Rogers – Arrogant Lateness: The tactics

Dr Bill Rogers – Dealing with distractions confidently

Dr Bill Rogers – Managing the Difficult Class

Dr Bill Rogers – Colleague Support: Talking as a Team

Dr Bill Rogers – Establishing trust to enable classroom co-operation

Dr Bill Rogers – Tactical ignoring: Addressing the issue

Dr Bill Rogers – Classroom Behaviour

If you prefer some bedtime reading this might be useful! (click image for amazon link)

Bill rogers



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