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Allowing individuals to set and work towards achieving their own professional learning agenda is vital in supporting the development of professional capital and allowing professional autonomy.  No teacher can outperform the educational system that they work within. The view of the team organising # EducatEd2016 is that for the benefit of the students in our schools today and tomorrow, we need to build a highly functioning and effective school based system that empowers our teachers to be the best that they can be; hence the creation of the #EducatEd series of events.


Following a successful inaugural year #Educated2016 sponsored by SAM Learning takes place on 1st July 2016 at Oriel High School, Crawley, West Sussex. The theme of the conference this year is:

“Towards a sustainable self-improving school system”

A key feature in a sustainable school system is a surplus model of education; one where everyone within the system is able to make a valued contribution.  This is a cultural shift from the accountability centred rhetoric that has pervaded education recently.  In any system underperformance will exist, but supporting individuals to grow and develop is more likely to provide a solution to the recruitment crisis, than wielding the accountability stick!

A desire to make this cultural shift a reality has caused the planning and delivery of events such as #EducatEd2016 a conference that explores a journey ‘Towards a sustainable, self-improving school system‘ where delegates are able to define their own professional learning experience from a range of 20 minute ‘EducatEd’ talks and longer 45 minute workshops that allow a more detailed exploration of key issues.

Starting at 9am we are fortunate to have a keynote from Dr Becky Allen (@drbeckyallen) that explores how we might “Use data to discover and share your school’s strengths” Do you think you know where the great teachers and great departments in your school are? Research suggests otherwise! Dr Allen will use research findings to make suggestions as to how to best support teachers and departments at each stage in their development.

After the keynote the program of EducatEd talks and workshops begin. Delegates can choose at the time of booking which sessions they attend.

Professor Pete Dudley (@DrDudley13) is going to be delivering a series of sessions that explore lesson study as a model for sustainable professional learning.  In his EducatEd talk starting at 11am he explores ‘The importance of sustainable CPD in a school setting’. This is supported by a workshop ‘Effectively implementing lesson study to create sustainable improvement’ and an opportunity to have a one to one discussion with ‘Mr Lesson Study’ (Pete) about any existing or planned lesson studies that you are or may be involved with.  This is a great opportunity to engage with a real expert in collaborative CPD.  Supporting Dr Dudley’s input are a number of sessions lead by practitioners who have successfully implemented lesson studies in a number of different contexts including; Lloyd Murphy & Ross Huelin presenting ‘Primary Lesson Study- One School’s Story’ and Sunny Gunessee presenting ‘Lesson study: A tool for professional development at all levels

Mike Fleetham (@MikeTweetham) has again committed himself to a busy day! His sessions are incredibly valuable and always are fully booked quickly.  If you are interested it is best to book as soon as possible. Mike’s sessions can either be viewed as an intensive day long input to support your capacity to support colleagues through coaching or as individual sessions allowing a focus on one particular aspect of coaching. The sessions are:

Introduction to Coaching and Mentoring: 5 practical tools’

Introduction to Video Coaching: Effective Techniques and Protocols’

Effective Coaching: The Art of Questioning‘

‘Strategic Coaching: How to develop a practical coaching ethos in school

Dr Becky Taylor (@GroupingStudy) from Kings College will be discussing early findings from her work with the EEF about grouping strategies for students.  How do you group students in your school? Is it evidence informed practice? Dr Taylor will explore these issues in her EducatEd talk, ‘Best Practice in Grouping Students’ and her workshop, ‘Evidence informed strategies for grouping students’

Education as a social mobiliser is the utopian ideal, although the reality is tinged with the sadness that at current rates, ‘Closing The Gap’ will take quarter of a millennia! The implementation of the Pupil Premium funding alongside Catch Up funding is a welcome attempt to allocate some resource towards addressing the issue of inequality due to demographic background.  However perhaps an area that is still under explored is the difference in size of the working vocabulary of a student from an economically disadvantaged background when compared with a student that isn’t economically disadvantaged.  Aaron Leary of Bedrock Learning will be discussing why, ‘Vocabulary Matters’ along with ‘How to teach vocabulary effectively’.  Helen Everitt and Ryan Sallows will also be providing an update about their successful work around the usage of the Pupil Premium funding.

Supporting the professional learning of staff is the key to effecting lasting school improvement. TDT Network (@TeacherDevTrust) will be exploring ‘Leading effective CPD‘ and ‘Evaluating the impact of CPD’.  Hopefully delegates will agree that #EducatEd2016 meets the standards and principles set out in these sessions!

Students are at the very centre of our work as teachers.  Their chances and opportunities are a galvanising force for the profession.  Helping students make informed choices about their pathways after 18 is of significant importance.  Without a target even the most accurate arrow will waver and potentially miss.  Alex Kelly of Unifrog explores the impact of having destination informed students in ‘Where do they end up? Using students’ destinations to develop an Outstanding progression system at your school’ and ‘Bettering Hercules: how to advise all your students on their full range of post-16 and post-18 options

Kev Bartle (@KevBartle) questions ‘The Myth of a Self-Improving School System – Cultivating an Ecological Approach to School Interdependence’  The idea that no one single teacher or organisation can be successful in isolation is a central theme to the session.  This is echoed by the contribution of IRIS Connect and Graham Newell (@Graham_IRISC).  IRIS Connect are leading sessions around the use of video technology as a reflective and collaborative tool in, ‘Using technology to build collaborative learning communities‘ and ‘Enabling research and reflection using technology’.  Graham Newell continues the dialogue he started at the #ShapingCPD conference in April with, ‘Professional learning: The key to recruitment and retention?

In addition to the contributors previously mentioned there is a wealth of other sessions that are sure to be both thought provoking and inspiring! Thanks in advance to The Princes Teaching Institute, Xavier Eloquin, Dr Brian Marsh, Go4Schools, Dan Willson, John Carr (Engage Education), Katie Magee & Renata Josephs, Rebecca White and Olive Pellington for their contributions to the day.

A shift towards a more collaborative, professional learning centred approach to school improvement is essential if we are to move towards a sustainable self improving school system. The focus on developing the teaching, without judging the teacher must be an underpinning value, “together we are a more powerful force for improvement and change, so let’s invest in our teachers and give them the chance to collaboratively solve the problems that they face daily when trying to deliver the best outcomes for the students they work with.

Should you wish to join us on 1st July you would be very welcome! Tickets are priced at £35. Further information is available at http://www.educatedcpd.com.  The event is being held on 1st July at Oriel High School, Maidenbower Lane, Crawley, West Sussex, RH10 7XW.  For more information please contact the organiser; Tim Matthews tmatthews7@oriel.w-sussex.sch.uk

For more information about the conference schedule and the presenters please visit the conference website www.educatedcpd.com

The conference is suitable for all, with a range of sessions appropriate for everyone from NQT to senior leader.

The conference aims are to:

  • Explore strategies that contribute towards becoming a self-improving school.
  • Investigate and discuss issues that may affect the sustainability of schools now and in the future.
  • Facilitate the opportunity for delegates to engage in collaborative and reflective professional learning, inspiring further practice development.
  • To build a professional network that supports delegates to further engage in a developmental professional dialogue.

For more details or to book please visit: www.educatedcpd.com

Regular updates are available via the hashtag #Educated2016 on Twitter or by following @educatedcpd 

#EducatEd2016 would not be a reality without the companies below – many thanks to all of you for your support!

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