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Cognition v Character

I met both Steve and Martin at the PIXL6 meeting in London in September.  As I sat with a colleague listening to them speak I immediately made a link between contextual priorities that we have as a school and the issues that they had faced – the same issues that prompted them to undertake the … Continue reading

#Justonething the final touch!

A lovely final touch for the students before they leave! This idea was shared at a PIXL6 meeting & @ClairDenman thought it would be just the thing for our students.  We have had some really nice comments from students – it makes a difference knowing that you are well supported at these stressful times.

#Justonething no 6 Practice….

There is the temptation to only focus on the things you can do in the final few days before an exam.  We are trying to get the students to address their areas of weakness first.  The idea of revisiting and reinforcing is of vital importance when trying to improve retention and retrieval.

#JustOneThing no5 Distillation

Mentioning distillation so soon after the Easter break may, for some, bring back memories of sunny Gin &Tonics! In this instance it is referring to the reduction of notes to key information that triggers recall and facilitates connection.  This strategy is really helping in keeping the focus on exam preparation without being oppressive.    

#JustOneThing no4 Welcome back

Upon their return, the 6th form were presented with this as their key thing to achieve this week.  This idea from @Clairdenman is a really good way of maintaining focus and momentum in the run up to the exams.  More to follow…   

#JustOneThing no3

   #JustOneThing no3: Action Planning  Plan the actual steps you will take – breaking down the process of revision into small manageable steps.   Follow up – stick to the plan!

#Justonething no2

   This week’s instalment of the #Justonething series of exam tips for students by @Clairdenman is action planning. Supporting students to plan key improvement actions that are aiming to improve upon weaknesses identified on a Personalised Learning Checklist (PLC)


   A great idea by @Clairdenman – small business cards given to students that give a top tip and a timeline to exam performance.  I think it helps to take the mystery out of preparing for an exam.   It is also worth remembering that as teachers we have prepared students for exams with some … Continue reading

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