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Cognition v Character

I met both Steve and Martin at the PIXL6 meeting in London in September.  As I sat with a colleague listening to them speak I immediately made a link between contextual priorities that we have as a school and the issues that they had faced – the same issues that prompted them to undertake the … Continue reading

Purple Pen Revolution and the Power of the Written Word

Should we have a feedback policy? If a student is making excellent progress, what difference does it make? Zoe James has a response to David Didau’s thought provoking post about book monitoring… We are reviewing our teaching and learning policy and as dry as that sounds, it has actually been both a fascinating and positive process.  … Continue reading

The 5 levels of leadership – applicable to a wider audience than those in “leadership” positions?

I am sure that many of you have heard of John Maxwell; a best-selling author and leadership coach.  I had heard phrases such as ‘level 5 leadership’ at various events and in various conversations and hadn’t really given it much more thought.  Recently I watched the video below and it got me thinking about how … Continue reading

Book review: James Kerr (2013). Legacy What the All Blacks can teach us about the business of life. London: Constable. Edition.

In 1998 as a young and fresh faced trainee teacher I was fortunate enough to watch an All Blacks training session at Bracknell Rugby club with some team mates from my university rugby club. It was an experience that has stuck with me since that day; I watched a cohesive group of my heroes working … Continue reading

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