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Cognition v Character

I met both Steve and Martin at the PIXL6 meeting in London in September.  As I sat with a colleague listening to them speak I immediately made a link between contextual priorities that we have as a school and the issues that they had faced – the same issues that prompted them to undertake the … Continue reading

The A Level Mindset

By Sunny Gunessee The A Level Mindset by Steve Oakes and Martin Griffin This book is causing quite a stir in the sixth form world, whether that be sixth form leadership, sixth form tutors or sixth form teachers. The book is based around the idea of VESPA; vision, effort, systems, practice and attitude. The A … Continue reading

Hexagons, board pens and videotapes (…well mobile phones)

By Sunny Gunessee Further to my last post summarising my work investigating the flipped classroom approach, more questions have been raised about how to make best use of available time.  There is a net gain in available lesson time as a result of students completing their reading outside of class. Resulting in there being a requirement of not just … Continue reading


Find more education infographics on e-Learning Infographics As the results for students that have taken A levels are being digested and future plans are being firmed up my thoughts naturally swing towards next year and how our teaching can be improved further to help the next wave of students achieve their aims.  The temptation is … Continue reading

Invest in the people to make the outcomes better!

Our journey with the Teacher Development Trust Network started back in December 2012 and involved a round trip of over 700 miles in a day!  Even reading this statement now makes me realise how strongly I must have felt about engaging with this network.  I initially became aware of the work of TDT Network in … Continue reading

3 days to go!

Only 3 days to go until #EducatEd2016 gets started.  the line up is great, I am looking forward to welcoming you all to Oriel High School for an informative and thought provoking day. To whet your appetite – these will be available from 8:15am!

#EducatEd2016 Preview

Allowing individuals to set and work towards achieving their own professional learning agenda is vital in supporting the development of professional capital and allowing professional autonomy.  No teacher can outperform the educational system that they work within. The view of the team organising # EducatEd2016 is that for the benefit of the students in our … Continue reading

#Justonething the final touch!

A lovely final touch for the students before they leave! This idea was shared at a PIXL6 meeting & @ClairDenman thought it would be just the thing for our students.  We have had some really nice comments from students – it makes a difference knowing that you are well supported at these stressful times.

#Justonething no 6 Practice….

There is the temptation to only focus on the things you can do in the final few days before an exam.  We are trying to get the students to address their areas of weakness first.  The idea of revisiting and reinforcing is of vital importance when trying to improve retention and retrieval.

Practitioner Enquiry: What impact will flipped classroom have on Y13 & Y12 students in Sociology on improved independence skills out of school and improved outcomes in school? Gunessee, S (2016)

By: Sunny Gunessee Subject Area:  Sociology The research conducted by S. Gunessee strikes a strong similarity with the process of a lesson study, it is firmly rooted as piece of independent teaching practitioners research. After a set of underperforming results from the previous cohort, S. Gunessee went to the best performing college in the UK … Continue reading

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