Lesson Studies

The power of lesson study as a sustainable and powerful form of school improvement has clear merit.  Our work with the Teacher Development Trust and NTEN has moved this strategy to the forefront of our plans for professional development.  Participation in Lesson Study is a voluntary activity, although many members of staff have chosen to incorporate it into their innovation appraisal target for this academic year.

The aim of this page is to share the experiences of colleagues who have completed lesson studies.  If you would like to have your lesson study published here please make contact using the form below.  As lesson studies are completed and written up they will be shared below.

“What impact will providing challenge for the most able students have on performance/product/final outcomes and assessment levels of (that group in) class 8c?” Dudding, A., Hinton, F., Nicols, H., (2015)

“What impact will using rich tasks have on engagement and achievement of more able students?” Angus, R., Blackledge, H., Withell, S.,  (2015)

What impact will the use of effective visual images on forming the sequencing of questioning have on the development of verbal responses from Y9 students? Haward, T., Jayasuriya, M., Smith J., 2015

What impact will using RAG mats have on the engagement and the focus of Year 11 students (particularly disengaged boys)? Denman, C., Gray G. 2015

“What impact will explicitly outlining how to speak like an examiner have on the formal expression of GCSE RE students in yr 11?” Barnes, N., James, Z., Jennison, F., Walshe, E. 2014

‘What impact will using active assessment have on the written performance of underperforming y12 students in the Anatomy and Physiology unit of AS PE?’ Jenkins. C, Collins, C. Feb 2014

Maths, DT and MFL – a study into student independence, Heaver, C., Sun. A., Winchester, C. Summer 2014.

What impact will the use of ‘socratic questioning and evaluation of the lesson questions’ will improve the outcome of B/A targeted students in terms of written responses to exam style questions Flynn, L, Maher, C, Murphy, C (2016)




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