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Do it yourself….

Rebecca White, Head of English & Media Faculty tells us to do it ourselves: Picture the scene:  You have set Year 10 a mock exam that will take the whole lesson.  Despite the inevitable pile of work this will create, you are secretly relieved that this will give you at least forty minutes to write … Continue reading

Assessment without levels; our plan

Why is it happening? This video from Tim Oates summarises nicely why we are where we are: Our rationale: We wanted to create a system that allows: Students to follow sequential steps to success. Students and teachers working together to allow students to keep making progression steps throughout their KS3 and KS4 school career. Sufficient challenge … Continue reading

Using SOLO taxonomy to teach to the top and scaffold the bottom

Solo Taxonomy is the Structured of Observed Learning Outcomes. It was developed by Biggs and Collis (1982), and is well described in Biggs and Tang (2007)  I initially heard about this via Sean Allison, Deputy at Durrington High (@shaun_allison) who was kind enough to share some initial resources with me.  You can see more about SOLO on … Continue reading

High Expectations

This week I have been fortunate to be able visit a number of lessons.  In particular I was investigating our expectations and seeking to find out how members of staff are setting out and achieving high expectations with different groups of students.  As the week has progressed a number of common elements have been consistent … Continue reading

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