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Do it yourself….

Rebecca White, Head of English & Media Faculty tells us to do it ourselves: Picture the scene:  You have set Year 10 a mock exam that will take the whole lesson.  Despite the inevitable pile of work this will create, you are secretly relieved that this will give you at least forty minutes to write … Continue reading

Assessment without levels; our plan

Why is it happening? This video from Tim Oates summarises nicely why we are where we are: Our rationale: We wanted to create a system that allows: Students to follow sequential steps to success. Students and teachers working together to allow students to keep making progression steps throughout their KS3 and KS4 school career. Sufficient challenge … Continue reading

RAG against the machine!

Simon Marriott was the presenter for Thursday 23rd April 2015. His snappily titled session, RAG against the machine, followed on from Meg Sayfoo’s RAGS to Riches session and provided an alternative perspective about the use of RAG marking. Simon contextualised how he came to his current practice of using live RAG marking in classrooms.  He … Continue reading

RAGS to Riches Thursday Morning Thriller 26th March 2015

At the start of the Spring term a system of RAG marking was introduced across the school with the aim of increasing the speed of marking for the teacher and increasing the levels of engagement with the feedback and reflection upon the feedback from the pupil. We decided to focus just on the use of … Continue reading

Maximising Learning Time: Effective Lesson Starts

As February starts, teachers with examination groups across the country suddenly become acutely aware of the passage of time; seconds, minutes, hours, lessons, days, weeks, months; no matter how you measure it the looming examination season tends to sharpen focus on what has been done and what there is still to do when supporting students … Continue reading

Starter for 10: Thursday Morning Thriller 20th November 2014

As a PE teacher of many years one area that I have traditionally struggled with was supporting students to be able to write high quality extended essays for the A2 exam paper.  I always seemed to struggle with the ability to help students write concisely, using technical language and actually answer the question that was … Continue reading

The Oriel 5

During the last year as a school we have reflected upon the way that we are trying to deliver high quality learning to our students.  When I look back I am hugely impressed by all the hard work and positive energy that has been given by the staff body to this piece of work so … Continue reading

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