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“What impact will providing challenge for the most able students have on performance/product/final outcomes and assessment levels of (that group in) class 8c?” Dudding, A., Hinton, F., Nicols, H., (2015)

Subject Areas:  Drama, Art and Music. It is noteworthy that this lesson study was carried out during the last academic year before a change to assessment criteria for Key Stage Three was introduced.  Available assessment levels as this time were 1 to 8 where the current assessment criteria offer outcomes 1 to 9 for all … Continue reading

Interview with Philippa Cordingley of CUREE at #EducatEd2015

At #EducatEd2015 we interviewed each keynote speaker and asked them the following questions: What do you feel are the biggest challenges facing teachers in the near future? How might teachers overcome these challenges? If you had one sentence to summarise the most important things that teachers should do to improve outcomes for students, what would … Continue reading