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Film Club

When discussing some upcoming projects with colleagues at IRIS Connect an idea for breathing some fresh life into the Thursday Morning Thriller came to me.  For a while I have wanted to support colleagues to be able to have a platform where they could share an aspect of their practice they want to develop with … Continue reading

Active Listening

Alice Hanbury took the reigns of the Thursday Morning Thriller on 11th June.  She told us about her experiences as a trainee RE teacher when the concept of a talking teacher was considered to be a very bad thing.  How many of you remember the phrase “Too much teacher talk” ? In a very astute observation, … Continue reading

RAG against the machine!

Simon Marriott was the presenter for Thursday 23rd April 2015. His snappily titled session, RAG against the machine, followed on from Meg Sayfoo’s RAGS to Riches session and provided an alternative perspective about the use of RAG marking. Simon contextualised how he came to his current practice of using live RAG marking in classrooms.  He … Continue reading

Great Scott! The use of mobile phones in the classroom by Mick Watson

We have come a long way since 1989 but not as far as Stephen Spielberg dreamt in his cult classic “Back to the Future II”.  In which the year 2015 was a futuristic utopia of self lacing high tops and of course hover-boards. Although I am still hopeful for the hover-board, we cannot disregard the … Continue reading

Using SOLO taxonomy to teach to the top and scaffold the bottom

Solo Taxonomy is the Structured of Observed Learning Outcomes. It was developed by Biggs and Collis (1982), and is well described in Biggs and Tang (2007)  I initially heard about this via Sean Allison, Deputy at Durrington High (@shaun_allison) who was kind enough to share some initial resources with me.  You can see more about SOLO on … Continue reading

Transition Matrices: Thursday Morning Thriller 18th December 2014

It was my turn in the chair (again!), this time talking about the transition matrices functionality available to all teachers via Go4Schools. It is clear that a set of teacher owned data that allows individual staff members to drill into the detail of the progress that different students within teaching groups are making is a … Continue reading

The secret of reading; How to get students to learn from the texts they read in your lesson. Thursday Morning Thriller 11th December 2015

The subject of the Thursday Morning Thriller was the secret of reading.  This great session was led by Zoe James, Literacy Lead at Oriel High School.  This was a really informative session that followed on very nicely from the INSET work about making the Implicit Explicit that we did on Friday 21st November with David … Continue reading

Behaviour Management; Thursday Morning Thriller 4th December

Today we had an enlightening 15 minute forum from Tom Freeman regarding student behaviour. He talked about some of the common problems that we all might face as classroom practitioners; Defiance Class Clown Interrupting Disrespectful Refusal to work Silly noises Abusive Language Tom shared with those who attended a really useful resource that was produced … Continue reading

Thursday Morning Thriller 27th November: Study Skills

Each year a new group of students join the 6th form; they come back in their ‘own’ clothes, with the enthusiasm that is fired by choosing a few courses that really excite them and in which they feel they will excel. They look and sound different in some ways, and there’s the catch; as teachers … Continue reading

Starter for 10: Thursday Morning Thriller 20th November 2014

As a PE teacher of many years one area that I have traditionally struggled with was supporting students to be able to write high quality extended essays for the A2 exam paper.  I always seemed to struggle with the ability to help students write concisely, using technical language and actually answer the question that was … Continue reading

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