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The proof is in the pudding…by Zoe James

Why proofreading should be a key area for improving students’ performance by Zoe James We know that the value students place on their writing varies enormously. Only last week I experienced the scenario I know will be familiar to many teachers: I marked a piece of work from a student which was devoid of capital … Continue reading

Adventures in IRIS

On Thursday 7th may Tom Haward delivered a thought provoking session about his use of IRIS to explore how he questions students, particularly focusing on a Yr 13 Government and Politics lesson. Tom started by explaining the context of the lesson; he used cartoons to stimulate students investigating  the 2nd Amendment with the enquiry question … Continue reading

What does a quality exercise book look like? A Humanities perspective…

A guest blog by Sunny Gunessee Head of Humanities Faculty, Oriel High School. In the last twelve months more time has been spent doing book looks, work scrutiny, book checks and whatever else you would like to call it than ever before! As a part of this process it has become clear that a quality … Continue reading

Connect: quick out of the blocks!

At Oriel we aim to plan our lessons in four key stages: Connect Activate Demonstrate Consolidate The aim is that each stage builds effectively on the last and that also each lesson fits into a scheme of work that follows a similar pattern, with learning being built so that at the end of an individual … Continue reading

High Expectations

This week I have been fortunate to be able visit a number of lessons.  In particular I was investigating our expectations and seeking to find out how members of staff are setting out and achieving high expectations with different groups of students.  As the week has progressed a number of common elements have been consistent … Continue reading

The Oriel 5

During the last year as a school we have reflected upon the way that we are trying to deliver high quality learning to our students.  When I look back I am hugely impressed by all the hard work and positive energy that has been given by the staff body to this piece of work so … Continue reading

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