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Starting a new job as a Deputy Headteacher is a daunting task, especially when the title includes words such as ‘responsible for’ and ‘quality & standards’.  My mind went into overdrive after securing the position at Oriel High School, as the enormity of the task ahead set in. Assuring the quality of teaching across approximately … Continue reading

Film Club

When discussing some upcoming projects with colleagues at IRIS Connect an idea for breathing some fresh life into the Thursday Morning Thriller came to me.  For a while I have wanted to support colleagues to be able to have a platform where they could share an aspect of their practice they want to develop with … Continue reading

IRIS Connect: A practical guide to using video in lesson study

Exciting news – IRIS Connect have released a guide about using video as a part of the lesson study process.  It can be downloaded here: http://discover.irisconnect.co.uk/how-to-implement-lesson-study The guide has handy hints about the key steps involved in lesson study, alongside some useful links to relevant content and features from the IRIS Connect platform that can … Continue reading