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Do it yourself….

Rebecca White, Head of English & Media Faculty tells us to do it ourselves: Picture the scene:  You have set Year 10 a mock exam that will take the whole lesson.  Despite the inevitable pile of work this will create, you are secretly relieved that this will give you at least forty minutes to write … Continue reading

What impact will using RAG mats have on the engagement and the focus of Year 11 students (particularly disengaged boys)?

Subject Area: Media Teachers: Gemma Gray (GGR), Clair Denman (CDE) Enquiry question What impact will using RAG mats have on the engagement and the focus of Year 11 students (particularly disengaged boys)? Planning We knew that students were not engaging as well at the start of Media lessons, particularly at the start of lessons in … Continue reading

Maximising Learning Time: Effective Lesson Starts

As February starts, teachers with examination groups across the country suddenly become acutely aware of the passage of time; seconds, minutes, hours, lessons, days, weeks, months; no matter how you measure it the looming examination season tends to sharpen focus on what has been done and what there is still to do when supporting students … Continue reading

Book review: Paul Ginnis, 2002. The Teacher’s Toolkit. Edition. Crown Publishers.

Paul Ginnis, 2002. The Teacher’s Toolkit. Edition. Crown Publishers. This is a book that I have had in my own professional library for quite a while; although it has now been published for quite some time it’s dog-eared nature indicates how useful an asset it has been to me and countless colleagues over the years! … Continue reading

Effective application of the accelerated learning cycle to lessons. Thursday Morning Thriller 8th January 2015

We had a great start to the Thursday morning thriller in 2015 with a full house and the promise of some inspiration for lesson planning from Science supremo Jack Swales! Last January we had a redesign of our lesson planning methodology with the aim of increasing the freedom that teachers had to plan and also … Continue reading

Thursday Morning Thriller!

From 20th November there will be a series of 15 minute Teaching & Learning forums every Thursday morning.  They are designed to be something that you can drop into, pick up an idea that has worked for a colleague and then try to make use of it in your own teaching.  Each week there will … Continue reading

Activate & Demonstrate: First thinking to best thinking

Often when I am engaged in dialogue about lesson planning with colleagues a similar question arises; something along the lines of: “I understand the concept of the connect and consolidate elements of the plan for learning but am struggling to differentiate between the activate and demonstrate elements. Help!” I often wonder if this is a … Continue reading

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