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10 Top Strategies for Teaching Vocabulary and Making it Stick!

A guest blog by Zoe James, suggesting some great ideas to try when teaching vocabulary. Teaching vocabulary is tricky. In my lessons, I find that it is usually those students that already have extensive vocabularies who soak up any new words while the others struggle to absorb the language at all. A lot of new … Continue reading

Thursday Morning Thriller; The Hand of Argument

Hannah Martin delivered a great Thursday Morning Thriller session on 1st October.  Over to her to explain the hand of argument… The hand of argument is a simple and visual way of helping your pupils to structure a formal argument. As a trial, I used this method with my Year 7 classes and feel that it … Continue reading

The proof is in the pudding…by Zoe James

Why proofreading should be a key area for improving students’ performance by Zoe James We know that the value students place on their writing varies enormously. Only last week I experienced the scenario I know will be familiar to many teachers: I marked a piece of work from a student which was devoid of capital … Continue reading

Book review: David Didau, 2014. The Secret of Literacy: Making the Implicit, Explicit. Edition. Independent Thinking Press

Literacy? That’s someone else’s job, isn’t it? David Didau’s The Secret of Literacy, Making the implicit explicit is an essential and inspiring book for all teachers. It is an easy book to access with practical examples and ideas to improve the level of literacy within all lessons and subject areas. This book really makes you … Continue reading

“What impact will explicitly outlining how to speak like an examiner have on the formal expression of GCSE RE students in yr 11?”

Participants: Nikki Barnes (Head of RE), Freya Jennison, Eoin Walshe, Zoe James (Literacy Leader) Deciding to conduct a lesson study was the result of an INSET day I spent at an NTEN training day, which David Didau was speaking at. I had a conversation with him in which he said to me that GCSE classes … Continue reading

The secret of reading; How to get students to learn from the texts they read in your lesson. Thursday Morning Thriller 11th December 2015

The subject of the Thursday Morning Thriller was the secret of reading.  This great session was led by Zoe James, Literacy Lead at Oriel High School.  This was a really informative session that followed on very nicely from the INSET work about making the Implicit Explicit that we did on Friday 21st November with David … Continue reading

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