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“What impact will using rich tasks have on engagement and achievement of more able students?” Angus, R., Blackledge, H., Withell, S., (2015)

Subject Area: Maths  Planning What did existing evidence suggest could improve outcomes? Had any colleagues tried anything similar? Give a brief summary of your approach as originally planned. “We decided to focus on challenging more able students in the classroom. We looked at enriching, open ended tasks to improve engagement and also challenge our own … Continue reading

Maths, DT and MFL – a study into student independence, Heaver, C., Sun. A., Winchester, C. Summer 2014.

A Lesson study from colleagues at Uplands Community College, Wadhurst. Written by Aimin Sun, study was Aimin Sun with Carly Heaver and Carla Winchester The concept of lesson study: Lesson study is a method for improving teaching based on systematic and careful observation of lessons concentrating on learners and in particular on the learning. Lesson … Continue reading