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Purple Pen Revolution and the Power of the Written Word

Should we have a feedback policy? If a student is making excellent progress, what difference does it make? Zoe James has a response to David Didau’s thought provoking post about book monitoring… We are reviewing our teaching and learning policy and as dry as that sounds, it has actually been both a fascinating and positive process.  … Continue reading

Best practice in grouping students

Care about supporting the progress of all your students, and raising the achievement of disadvantaged kids?   Yep… Sign up to our project on grouping students! Ok then, we will! ‘Ability grouping’, versus mixed-‘ability’ teaching, has been a topic of long-standing debate in the UK; as recently illustrated by the recent ‘non-announcement from the Government’ … Continue reading

Do it yourself….

Rebecca White, Head of English & Media Faculty tells us to do it ourselves: Picture the scene:  You have set Year 10 a mock exam that will take the whole lesson.  Despite the inevitable pile of work this will create, you are secretly relieved that this will give you at least forty minutes to write … Continue reading

RAG against the machine!

Simon Marriott was the presenter for Thursday 23rd April 2015. His snappily titled session, RAG against the machine, followed on from Meg Sayfoo’s RAGS to Riches session and provided an alternative perspective about the use of RAG marking. Simon contextualised how he came to his current practice of using live RAG marking in classrooms.  He … Continue reading

What does a quality exercise book look like? A Humanities perspective…

A guest blog by Sunny Gunessee Head of Humanities Faculty, Oriel High School. In the last twelve months more time has been spent doing book looks, work scrutiny, book checks and whatever else you would like to call it than ever before! As a part of this process it has become clear that a quality … Continue reading

Transition Matrices: Thursday Morning Thriller 18th December 2014

It was my turn in the chair (again!), this time talking about the transition matrices functionality available to all teachers via Go4Schools. It is clear that a set of teacher owned data that allows individual staff members to drill into the detail of the progress that different students within teaching groups are making is a … Continue reading

Activate & Demonstrate: First thinking to best thinking

Often when I am engaged in dialogue about lesson planning with colleagues a similar question arises; something along the lines of: “I understand the concept of the connect and consolidate elements of the plan for learning but am struggling to differentiate between the activate and demonstrate elements. Help!” I often wonder if this is a … Continue reading

The Oriel 5

During the last year as a school we have reflected upon the way that we are trying to deliver high quality learning to our students.  When I look back I am hugely impressed by all the hard work and positive energy that has been given by the staff body to this piece of work so … Continue reading

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