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#JustOneThing no5 Distillation

Mentioning distillation so soon after the Easter break may, for some, bring back memories of sunny Gin &Tonics! In this instance it is referring to the reduction of notes to key information that triggers recall and facilitates connection.  This strategy is really helping in keeping the focus on exam preparation without being oppressive.     Advertisements

#Justonething no2

   This week’s instalment of the #Justonething series of exam tips for students by @Clairdenman is action planning. Supporting students to plan key improvement actions that are aiming to improve upon weaknesses identified on a Personalised Learning Checklist (PLC)

Elaborate Interrogation

This post has been inspired after reading Sean Allison’s blog Supporting Learning Through Effective Revision Techniques. How many times have you spoken to students as they leave an exam hall enquiring as to how it went to be greeted with the reply, “You didn’t teach me half the stuff in the exam”? Yet when August … Continue reading

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