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Find more education infographics on e-Learning Infographics As the results for students that have taken A levels are being digested and future plans are being firmed up my thoughts naturally swing towards next year and how our teaching can be improved further to help the next wave of students achieve their aims.  The temptation is … Continue reading

#EducatEd2016 Preview

Allowing individuals to set and work towards achieving their own professional learning agenda is vital in supporting the development of professional capital and allowing professional autonomy.  No teacher can outperform the educational system that they work within. The view of the team organising # EducatEd2016 is that for the benefit of the students in our … Continue reading

Practitioner Enquiry: What impact will flipped classroom have on Y13 & Y12 students in Sociology on improved independence skills out of school and improved outcomes in school? Gunessee, S (2016)

By: Sunny Gunessee Subject Area:  Sociology The research conducted by S. Gunessee strikes a strong similarity with the process of a lesson study, it is firmly rooted as piece of independent teaching practitioners research. After a set of underperforming results from the previous cohort, S. Gunessee went to the best performing college in the UK … Continue reading

#EducatEd 2015 Summary

The inaugural #EducatEd2015 conference took place on 3rd July 2015 at Oriel High School, Crawley, West Sussex. With over 220 people in attendance the event was a thought provoking and inspiring way to finish a busy academic year! The theme of the conference was “The power of collaborative and reflective professional learning.” The keynotes and workshops … Continue reading

Film Club

When discussing some upcoming projects with colleagues at IRIS Connect an idea for breathing some fresh life into the Thursday Morning Thriller came to me.  For a while I have wanted to support colleagues to be able to have a platform where they could share an aspect of their practice they want to develop with … Continue reading

IRIS Connect: A practical guide to using video in lesson study

Exciting news – IRIS Connect have released a guide about using video as a part of the lesson study process.  It can be downloaded here: http://discover.irisconnect.co.uk/how-to-implement-lesson-study The guide has handy hints about the key steps involved in lesson study, alongside some useful links to relevant content and features from the IRIS Connect platform that can … Continue reading

Best practice in grouping students

Care about supporting the progress of all your students, and raising the achievement of disadvantaged kids?   Yep… Sign up to our project on grouping students! Ok then, we will! ‘Ability grouping’, versus mixed-‘ability’ teaching, has been a topic of long-standing debate in the UK; as recently illustrated by the recent ‘non-announcement from the Government’ … Continue reading

Do it yourself….

Rebecca White, Head of English & Media Faculty tells us to do it ourselves: Picture the scene:  You have set Year 10 a mock exam that will take the whole lesson.  Despite the inevitable pile of work this will create, you are secretly relieved that this will give you at least forty minutes to write … Continue reading

Active Listening

Alice Hanbury took the reigns of the Thursday Morning Thriller on 11th June.  She told us about her experiences as a trainee RE teacher when the concept of a talking teacher was considered to be a very bad thing.  How many of you remember the phrase “Too much teacher talk” ? In a very astute observation, … Continue reading

School experience days

School Experience Days – Oriel High School Thinking of Teaching, but need some School Experience? Gaining classroom experience before starting your initial teacher training (ITT) can help you be sure that a career in teaching is right for you. It can also support your application for ITT by spending some time in a classroom and … Continue reading

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